bourne road residence . site context

the design for this new family residence begins with explorations into both the site and its surrounding context.

early design concepts draw heavily on the prevalent surrounding typology of a house as a single object centred within a site, looking out to landscaped surrounds.

interested to explore the house as a single object within the site, we further investigate puncturing this with an internal garden, this approach enabling the new dwelling to turn its back on the adjoining properties, which are all in close proximity, and internalise the house to create its own views and aspect.

like so many suburban sites, this one offers challenges with its size and orientation, particularly with the front garden north facing. breaking the form centrally allows northern sunlight to enter both the site and the building form, without compromising either visual or acoustic privacy from the street.

by puncturing this single object, views are created through the built form to landscape in every direction.

studiofour_bourne road residence_ site context