beach road residence . architectural form

through a series of briefing workshops, the program becomes further defined and the architectural form develops in response. studies into the spatial experiences between the cocoon and the scope explore the quiet, retreat like spaces in comparison to the highly interactive.

the key driver to the interactive spaces is promotion of a high level of connection between the interior and the exterior, both within the site and across to the bay. simple architectural forms together with a restrained material palette provide a framework for these defined views.

studiofour_beach road residence street perspective

studiofour_beach road residence ground floor perspective

studiofour_beach road residence first floor perspective

beach road residence . sections

sections through the residence show areas of the building that are cocooned in thick concrete and other transparent glass volumes that are staggered in front of each other to promote views of the water from the extremities of the site.

these transparent volumes house spaces that require a high level of interaction and connectivity, while the concrete cocoon will contain areas of the building’s program that are quiet, reflective and insular.

longitudinal section through the interactive glass scope

longitudinal section through the scope and it’s active courtyards

longitudinal section through the cocoon

cross-section through the cocoon and the active courtyard

beach road residence . volumetric study + interaction with landscape

levels of interaction within the building’s program are represented by variations in grey tone.  as witnessed in all of our projects, connection to the environment is critical within our architectural solutions.  some of the landscape experiences will be direct and some indirect.  some will be planned and some will appear haphazard.

volumetric study

reference image sources . fearon hay, tadao ando and mk27

beach road residence . dichotomies of design

dichotomies of site + dichotomies of function = dichotomies of design

when our early findings of site and function dichotomies were analysed in tandem, the two sets of data produced a number of design dichotomies.  these design dichotomies were explored within our studio in numerous workshops.  varying types of media were used to express the relationships and drivers of each of the found dichotomies.

freedom vs regiment

expanse vs constrain

particalisation vs cohesion

release vs compression