glenmore crescent residences . views both in and out

with strong architectural presence along the busy street elevation, the architecture along the quieter frontage opens up to the landscape and the bay views beyond.

the light timber used externally to line the penetrations continues within the interior of each apartment, strengthening the connection between the interior and the landscaped external spaces within the building footprint.

glenmore crescent residences . sections

the linear building form maximises natural light and cross ventilation through all apartments, while penetrations to the form provide connection to the landscape from all internal spaces.

these penetrations allow the internal spaces to access full height expanses of glazing without compromising privacy from the adjacent streetscape.

the play of materiality is integral to the definition of space, and this play between interior and exterior can be experience throughout.

glenmore crescent residences . architectural form

through a series of design workshops and the use of massing models, the architectural form for these new residences becomes apparent.

the solid building form is sliced and separated, defining the private and public areas of each apartment as well as maximising the connection to the landscape from all spaces.

these penetrations into the form are read both externally and internally, enabling the design vision to be experienced through all aspects of the building.

glenmore crescent residences . conceptual studies

we begin work on a new boutique residential development in black rock, through a series of feasibility and master planning studies, to determine the most suitable matrix.

a corner site, the length of the site faces a busier street frontage than the shorter front boundary, and triggers our explorations into the creation of a solid building form that is then sliced through.  the slicing and separating of the building form provides opportunities for natural light and air to penetrate all spaces while minimising noise and privacy concerns.

referencing natural objects, including the human body, we draw relation with a darker, solid skin, cut through to reveal a lighter interior.

early planning diagrams map out the varying domestic rituals to be housed in each apartment, of outdoor space, living, dining, cooking, sleeping and bathing.  we then investigate how these might be arranged within the sliced building forms so each space is afforded maximum light, air and connection to the outdoors.