huff bagelry mentone . sectional studies

a black steel finish to the rear wall of the cafe area provides a strong contrast for the bagel and food display, while openings between the service area and kitchen behind ensures a high level of functionality.

stacks of the stores packaging is used to clad the main service counter, carrying the reference of huff’s branding through to the main interior element.

the remainder of the material palette is restrained to concrete and pale timbers, to provide a neutral backdrop for what will be a highly active space, while placing visual emphasis on the landscape planter box within the centre of the interior.

studiofour_huff bagelry_interior elevation 01

studiofour_huff bagelry_interior elevation 02

studiofour_huff bagelry_interior elevation 03

huff bagelry mentone . planning concepts

our studio begins design work for huff bagelry’s new bagel shop and cafe.

with a large interior space, the design begins with a double sided active rear wall, separating the bakery kitchen from the cafe space. a dark finish is selected as a device to draw people into the store, while providing a dramatic back drop for the product display and interactive pass through to the kitchen behind.

within the centre of the cafe space, we develop concepts for a landscape planter box, that helps divide customers into two streams, coffee and bagels, while providing a bar height ledge for those waiting for coffee and take away orders.

studiofour_huff bagelry planning concepts

reference image sources, left to right, top to bottom : studiofour, peter zumthor, unknown, gregoire de lafforest, mathieu lehanneur