lawnhill road residence . landscape concepts

the perimeters of the site are lined with mature lily pily hedges and manchurian pear trees, providing both immediate privacy screening for the new residence together with a green backdrop from all aspects of the interior.

new specimen trees are placed in the courtyard garden within the centre of the home and layered against the existing green backdrop, to create an increased perception of depth.

a new vertical green wall not only provides a kitchen garden adjacent the food preparation area, but also acts to filter the air entering the centre of the home.

studiofour_lawnhill road residence_landscape concepts

lawnhill road residence . materiality

concrete bricks are selected as the primary building material, ensuring a holistic approach as the one material carries through from the exterior to the interior. brick work as a complete construction method minimises the use of high off gassing materials such as insulation and sealants, while the natural material promotes a high level of indoor air quality.

the form of the residence adapts to take on the inherent nature of masonry construction, while the pale grey concrete of the blocks provides a restrained tonal palette against the backdrop of the existing landscape.

studiofour_lawnhill road residence_materiality concepts

studiofour_lawnhill road residence_materiality studies

lawnhill road residence . sectional studies

the form of the building becomes apparent, with all spaces accessing fresh air, light and garden aspect.  the need for a high level of cross ventilation and forced flushing to the interior determine the placement of fixed and openable elements.

areas of seclusion and retreat are balanced with areas of openness and interaction, providing the mix of spaces required for this family.

materials are selected for their healthy impact on the indoor environment, as well as providing areas of high thermal mass to balance the large expanses of glazing.


lawnhill road residence . early concepts

on a site provided with a back drop of mature trees, our studio is given the opportunity to design a family home focused not only on its impacts to the environment, but more importantly on the health and well being of its occupants.

our early workshops explore elements of light, fresh air, landscape, seasonality and connection.  these elements are tested for their effects not only between internal and external spaces, but also between areas of seclusion and retreat and areas that require openness and interaction.