watts road residence . conceptual studies


the brief for this new retreat is modest.  to provide temporary accommodation, with pared back zones for sleeping, cooking and bathing. by providing minimal enclosed space, ones experience and engagement with the surrounding landscape is sought at all times.


we investigate how to encourage maximum involvement of the inhabitants with the outdoor environment, while providing limited internal area.  concepts of providing minimal built enclosure by designing spaces with a high level of flexibility and dual function are explored.


studiofour_watts road_concept studies

studiofour_watts road_concept studies 05


watts road residence . contextual studies


our studio commences design work for a new retreat at phillip island.

set on a 100 acres, the site is surrounded by bass strait, with access to its own secluded beach.  with views of the coast to either side and rolling grazing land behind, the site is an example of stark contrasts.

expansiveness + containment

openness + intimacy

fluidity of the ocean + structure of the hills

ombre pigface ground cover and rusted fencing + charcoal of the rock and stone ruins


studiofour_watts road residence_concept images


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